Nguni Breeders Society of Namibia

27 January: Management meeting

February: Members to register their animals that qualify for a First Recording at the Inspectors Conference

01 March: Herdlists and Selectionlists available from the NSB

03 March: Inspectors Conference on Farm Ouhave 

March to May: Selections on farms

09 April: Kalkveld - Agri Mega Day

31 May: Deadline for Herdlists and Levylists to be submitted to the NSB. Late submissions will be penalized.

08 June: LWV Congress

09 June: Management meeting

01 July: Updated Herdlists will be sent out by the NSB. Invoices will be issued by the NSB.

August: NSB AGM

04 August: Management meeting

Sept / Oct: Windhoek Show

6-8 October: LPO / NLU Congress / Outlook Conference Windhoek

30 October: Deadline - All adverts & articles for Agriforum's Nguni Insert need to be submitted.

Date to be confirmed - Inspectors Training

25 November: 10H00  - Council Meeting

                           14H00 - AGM at Elisenheim Guest Farm

                           18H30 for 19H00 - Year End Function at Elisenheim Guest Farm

Date to be confirmed: Management meeting - planning session for 2022